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Saturday, 20-Sep-2008 21:49 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The End

Greetings everyone.

After a long long while…I’ve decided that I should stop using fotopages for good. It’s sad…but true. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now. But honestly, it’s hard work having to commit to updating your official website, personal blog, and facebook.

So for those of you who’s actually interested in following my career in photography and design, head on to…


and also…



Salam sejahtera,

Di sini saya ingin membuat pengumuman bahawa saya tidak lagi akan menggunakan perkhidmatan fotopages…sedih…tapi benar. Dah lama dah fikir pasal benda ni…tapi terus terang, agak susah dan banyak kerja gak nak meng-update laman web rasmi, blog peribadi…dan jugak facebook!

Jadi kepada sesiapa yang masih lagi berminat untuk mengikuti jejak langkah saya dalam dunia fotografi dan design…silalah ke…


dan juga…


Terima kasih!

Wednesday, 19-Dec-2007 06:01 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Nyet Nyet

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Was at Iza's place yesterday. Did a session with this cute lil thing. We call him nyet nyet. Cos his face is penyet/penyek...in other words...'squashed'...as violent as it sounds...it just means that his face is kinda squashed...hahaha...whatever! Anyway, he was sleepy most of the time...that sorta gave us the freedom to move him around...and also gave me the freedom to actually compose my shots...good boy this cat is!

And this week is gonna be his last week being around. Someone's gonna buy him this weekend. That's what they (iza and family) always do anyway. Cos as it is...they've already got 6 cats at home...and sadly...no more space for any other cats. It's either they'd sell it off...or trade them with food.

Man, I'm certainly gonna miss this lil boy!

P/S: If anyone needs me to do a portrait session with their little loved ones...DO tell me ya? We can certainly discuss further! But of course...with a little charge! Hee!!

Smalam gi shoot kat rumah Iza. Ambik gambar si budak kecik nakal ni. Kitorang panggil dia 'nyet nyet' sebab muka dia cam penyet/penyek! Hehehe. Comey kan?? Si nakal ni pon bagi kitorang kerjasama yg banyak bangat! Sebab dia ngantuk...so senang la kitorang nak bagi dia posing. Pusing pusing je kaki dia tuh! Dia duk diam jer! Hahaha.

Hujung minggu ni ada orang nak beli si nakal ni. Kenape?? Sebab dah banyak sangat dah kucing kat rumah Iza. Dah ada 6. So diorang akan jual...atau tukar ngan makanan. Kesian! Kalau simpan si nakal ni mesti best! Tapi tu la! Nak buat camner!

Papehal pon...mmg gue akan merindui si nakal-kecik-busuk nih!

P/S: Sape sape yang nak ambik gambar 'si kecik' diorang...cakap la...boleh bawak bincang. Dan dengan harga yg berpatutan lah! Hee!!

Tuesday, 20-Nov-2007 02:53 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Molecular Gastronomy

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This is perhaps going to be my longest entry in fotopages. So people, if you wanna read…go ahead…if not…just scroll down to the pictures eh.

Molecular Gastronomy….sounds weird eh? Yeap! You and me both! Was wondering what the heck it’s all about, till I found out that it’s actually related to food. In ‘wikipedia’…”Molecular gastronomy is the science of culinary transformations and gastronomical phenomena in general. It should not be confused with molecular cooking, which is the application of molecular gastronomy to cooking.” Again I’m like…”huh??”

Whatever it is, I was at Taylor’s College last Saturday for this phenomenal event! It all started out quite well actually. But then again, we were late. The place was full. Seems like this is history in the making. This ‘molecular gastronomy’ thingy in Malaysia. WOW!! I was hoping to get a mind-blowing experience just by eating the food. It’s a 20 course meal anyway. WOW again you say?? Indeed…

I wanted to write a review on each of the food…but then it would be too long and too boring. So I’m just going to sum it up…

It was a new level of experience for me, no doubt. Very weird when you have things like ‘jelly tomyam’ and ‘bubbles that tastes like carrot’. But the whole event was great. Surprisingly, I enjoyed myself. But I have to say this…it was the longest dinner I’ve had in MY LIFE!! 3+ hours….imagine that!! My butt was all ‘heaty’ from sitting down. The interval between food is about 10 minutes average. FUH!!! Towards the end of the event, I was all sleepy and moody! Not to mention the weird ‘gas’ experience after!

So if this event comes up again, I would say….”please…by all means go…it’s really…OUT OF THIS WORLD!!”

Thursday, 1-Nov-2007 06:27 Email | Share | | Bookmark
pax recording session

Minggu lepas...semangat nak record....setelah braper lama postpone....so kitorang pon gi buat recording session kt this studio...somewhere in Puchong...member kepada vocalist Pax...Mr Jelir. Semua ok jer. Syiok GILER!! Cuma ada la certain stuff yg kitorang rasa cam...tak best sgt...overall...experience tuh yg PENTING BANGAT!! Pax mengharap tuk release their first single dan dgn harapan....dpt gi somewhere...boleh boleh nih...smangat mesti ada...high school dream ni BEB!! DAMN!! Tapi aku rasa cam boleh...

Kitorang akan try nak record kt SAE nyer studio gak. Lam minggu depan...so tengok la camner.

Anyway, ni la some shots yg aku sempat sNAP menyeNAP hari tuh!

Wednesday, 31-Oct-2007 10:03 Email | Share | | Bookmark

menantikan detik-detik permulaan shoot. Mulalah rasa menggatal nak memposing-kan diri! Thanks to Syuk jamboo kerana sudi meluangkan masa mengambil gambar diriku yg tidak seberapa ni! Hahahahahaha! Tapi suspen siut! Anticipation tuh!! FUH!!! Berdebar debar!! Maklumlah...first shoot!! Huah huah!!

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